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    Big and famous toothbrush machines manufacture!

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      Company name : Yangzhou Kaiyue Brush Machinery Co.Ltd (machine brand: WENDE)

      New address : Jiang Jia Road 18#, TaiBo Industrial Park,Jiangdu District, Yang zhou,Jiangsu ,China 

          Code: 225200

      Tel: 86-514-87275796

      Fax: 86-514-87271280

      Mobile: 86-514-13338865009

      Email:1018902511@qq.com (sales Dept.1)

                ky_machinesales@hotmail.com (sales Dept.2)

                yanhaiyun-hi@163.com (sales Dept.3)

                   admin@yzkyjx.com (technical support service)


    Big and famous toothbrush machines manufacture!

    We focus on toothbrush series machines building!

    Germany level technology,China level price!





    Address:Yangzhou City, Hangzhou town



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